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Onli Studios: "Chicago Comics: 1960 Until Now!" All images and characters posted on this site are Copyright 2022 & other dates Turtel Onli  NBC Chicago Comics Shows LINK!. This historic and ever-cool exhibition includes the original "NOG: and "Future-FunK" from the early days of ONLI STUDIOS LLC.  Review LINK!
Beyond the mainstream!
REVIEW LINK:  "Tales From The RHYTHMIC-ZONE" is a rare product in full color & Rhythmistic excitement. This exciting Graphic Novel links the  key characters in the fictional historic contemporary mythology unique to the Rhythmistic Universe of ONLI STUDIOS. NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides, The Azaniac, Wolfshead, Sustah-Girl, The Root Lady  and Malcolm-10 are all showcased in this rare single tradebook. $20.00, Free shipping. Comes in a plastic bag with over-sized trading cards! Before and after Afrofuturism! 

5 Great Reasons to read Rhythmistic Graphic Novels:

a. A Graphic Novel is a book made up of story-telling content that is both visual, and illustrated with a merging of written text and narrative art
b. Rhythmism is a genre in the expressive arts that first proved itself in the Visual Arts as being Future-Primitif with an emphasis on imagination and originality. 
Rhythmism was developed by Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T., a former clinical Art Therapist.

1. With short, concise dialogue interspersed with longer text and beautiful images and narrative illustrations one absorbs a story and the overall content faster and more completely when reading the Rhythmistic Graphic Novel.

2. These limited-edition Graphic Novels are a truly collectable diverse form of literature. They combine images and words to blend Visual and Literary Intelligences into a rigorous yet appealing process enhancing higher ordered cognitive skills as a research proven by-product. They offer a chance at insightful escapism and dynamic fantasy or can be about imagination driven contemporary mythology to historical precision.  
Great for fans, collectors, curriculum coordinators, educators, librarians and students.

Life can be boring or stressful at times, and therefore escapism is important once in a while.

3. The great thing about the Graphic Novel is the emotional responses and connections between the reader and the Graphic Novel itself as the Graphic Novel dynamically illustrates every emotion, struggle, process and physical changes in the characters, and its content. This provokes deeper thinking, builds rewarding comprehension and critical thinking skills while providing low-budget quality entertainment.

4. The best experimental Visual Artists, hot Writers, original Authors, cool Graphic Designers, and surgical Editors work regularly to produce Rhythmistic Graphic Novels. These hybrids of the Visual / Literary arts are usually a complete story unto itself. They are both a compelling Art Form and a proven Literary Form. Their unique content may be totally fantasy based, Sci-Fi driven, about contemporary mythology, wellness in personal care, sustainably going green, showing positive conflict resolution or providing delightfully needed humor.

5. Rhythmistic Graphic Novels merge the best of all of this reasons and concepts in an adventurous way that goes where the mainstream does not. They manifest true, open, expressive and expansive diversity that often is rendered in its award-winning Future-Primitif style. Thus, being the best alternative to the traditional corporate, often boring and predictable Graphic Novels from the major brands.

In conclusion, the growing line of limited edition Rhythmistic Graphic Novels from ONLI STUDIOS LLC with its experimental factors of "Fun, Fire, & Funk" are prefect for this screen-aged world and its over whelming flow of corporate induced creativity that is more about profitable capital gains then the traits, themes and concepts listed above.

"PUNKIN'S IMAGINATION" is a playful activity book about a clever boy who uses his imagination to conjure up playmates.  It even includes blank pages to allow the reader to use his or her imagination to complete the book with characters of their own. The price is now reduced to $3.00 with Free Shipping.
"The SUSTAH-GIRL Work Out Book" with its Free Oversized Trading Cards is an actual resource and guidebook that covers everything from diet to team sports, cardio, then on to strength building activities. Educators, and others will love the Fun Facts, Fit Tips and the 10 Week Work Out Program for all types of Sustahs.  In the name Sustah think Sustenance!  $4.00 Free Shipping in the USA.
The growing Afro-Furturism Movement is learning about its link to the ground breaking work of ONLI STUDIOS.
Reach out to the new! Discover the unknown.  Our fresh Rhythmistic characters reflect your passion for alternative indie-action instead of the mainstream's predictable brands. We respect and appreciate your investment in this unique expansion of the Graphic Novels' industry beyond the "good old" characters and brands that were created in the 1940s, and 1960s.

"SASA" with her  FREE OVERSIZED TRADING CARDS introduces the new face of horror.  A rare creepy story about eaters of flesh and the uncontrollable hunger to feed.  She is above them  and  sworn to hunt them....until the end.  $5.00. plastic wrapped with Trading Cards.
Free Shipping in the USA! 
To show how much we value your investment in our limited edition line of Rhythmistic Graphic Novels we  include limited edition, over-sized trading cards to enhance the value of your purchase.  These over-sized trading cards and free resealable packaging are our way of appreciating your dream of going beyond the mainstream.  

The mainstream  takes you for granted by charging more money for packaging and its small mass produced trading cards. 

We produce posters of any of the images on this page per special orders.

                                         Our limited press runs insure our products will have collector's value in the future.
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"The Legend of the Azaniac" is a unique ode  about the Honorable Short Spear Clan of the Zulu.  It introduces The Azaniac, The Boar and the conflict of dealing with industrialization, modern society, and the results of war.

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"Let's Go Green" features the ever-cute Button-Heads showing us way to go green with sustainable practices in the urban setting.
$5.00, Comes packages in plastic with backing board and trading card.   
We love your participation! ONLI STUDIOS ships its limited edition products free in the USA, packed in plastic and backing boards with our limited edition, highly valued, over-sized trading-cards because we value your investment. This expresses the luv we place on your time and selection of indie products from ONLI STUDIOS.
In Europe you can find ONLI STUDIOS' indie products at The Lambiek.

In Chicago they are carried in the Trading Post Gift Shop of the DuSable Museum.

LINK: To "How To Read  A Rhythmistic Graphic Novels" 
featuring Melanie Brown, Spoken Word Performer.
ONLI STUDIOS rocks its limited-edition books with free over-sized  trading cards packed into each product.  Sealed in archival plastic along with an acid free packing board to protect and preserve your valuable purchase.
Totally drawn by talented female illustrators of all types exploring and showing healthy choices and conditioning tips for interested sisters of all ages and stages. Including journal areas for your personalized plans, diet guides & more.  Free Oversized Trading cards!   Only $20.00 via our BUY THIS tab.
Our concept of the indie  "Black Age Comic Books" genre is like flavors in cuisine. One doesn't have to be Italian,  Mexican or Chinese to discover, eat and love their food.  The same here, we look forward to your luv too. 
 "BLANGA BEATZ" trax for TEAM BLANGA  AND  FUTURE FUNK  ARE   READY!!      His code name is Malcom-10!
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"Team BLANGA" is an exciting  96 page trade-book featuring the Heroes of the Black Age along with  a dope House Music video link that asks the ultimate question! Packaged in archival plastic with an  over-sized Trading Card. 
Free shipping in the USA!
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ONLI STUDIOS has promoted openness & diversity in this industry since it launched the first "Black Age of Comics" indie comic-con in 1993. A lot as happened since then!

One does not have to be Black to get one's Black on! "BLACK AGE XXIV" link.
ONLI STUDIOS is active in the community, be it local, indie or mainstream. Bringing Rhythmism to readers and fans of all stages and ages.  Real Fun, Fiya and Funk!
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"NOG IS BACK!!" is the long awaited sequel in The Nubian of Greatness' mission to save Planet NUBA. Here NOG must risk a strategy to defeat the T-Monster that has its own dire consequences. Afrofuturism meets Rhythmism in this dynamic masterwork. Comes in plastic with ONLI STUIDOS' over-sized trading cards. $5.00 Free shipping!!
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"NOG NU!!" is the full color Rhythmistic reboot of "NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides". The unique character and the dynamic book that served up Rhythmism in 1981 and opened the door to expanding the mainstream of the comics industry. Duty, War, & Heroic!
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"Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone" is a tour de force of 131 pages of visual multi-media Fiya, Funk. Flow & Fun! Where a picture is still worth a 1,000 words! Future-Funk comes free with this order to best introduce its exciting creative content. Limited edition with our over-sized Trading Cards. All about the Rhythmic Zone & The Onliverse! Free Shipping in the USA. 
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Fighting over ONLI is so not cool y'all! You gots to learn to play well with others and share the Rhythmistic ONLIVERSE!
ONLI STUDIOS LLC has been an indie publisher, producer, promoter & innovator since 1981. All books come packed in free resealable easy to open plastic packaging. Free shipping in the USA!
"Rhythmism" was coined by Prof. Onli in the early 1970s and NOG was the first Rhythmistic character, ever, published back in 1981 by ONLI STUDIOS LLC. NOG opened the door to the growing power of the Black Age of Comics genre.

 Remember that you do not have to be Black to get your Black Age on!!
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ABOVE: Young art lovers checking out the original inked pages from "NOG The Protector of the Pyramides" at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago during its blockbuster Summer / Fall 2021 group exhibition, "CHICAGO COMICS, 1960 Until NOW!"
Art enthusiasts will love discovering that Prof. Onli is currently producing an entire collection of Rhythmistic Fine Art based on  the original "NOG, The Protector of the Pyramides" Graphic Novel, circa 1981. Perfect for appreciation and collecting!
ONLI STUDIOS LLC introduced its "Nu-Look" over-sized, limited edition Trading Cards illustrated and designed by its awesome new talent, Johnathan Ford. during the Juneteenth 2022 weekend.  First at the Alley Cat Comic Book Store then at the rebranding celebration of the DuSable Museum of Black History and Education Center. Both in Chicago.
The above large central illustration and the cover for NOG NU were done by the ever awesome Christian St. Pierre.
The above illustration was created by the amazing Eric Battle. 
The above Rhythmistic characters were created and illustrated by Prof. Onli. Including the ever-awesomeness of NOG. Malcolm-10, Sustah-Girl, Sasa, The Root Lady, Nikki Nik, Imhotep, A Mighty Mighty, Sankofa, and the creeped out Perfecto!
This Gwendolyn Brooks awarded poem by the late Mimi Hayes is lovingly included in our full color best-selling "Tales From The Rhythmic Zone" Graphic Novel.
International touristy fans luving up on some NOG in Chicago!
"What$ In Yo' Collection??"
Bulk orders of 20 or more for schools and community centers at a reduced unit rate are available per special arrangements requested via our CONTACT US tab at the top of this page.  Curriculum coordinators, educators and group leaders will love this option.
CHICAGO- Smart collectors are seeing early original limited-edition comics and 'zines from ONLI STUDIOS showing up on increasing price points recently. Specializing in limited-edition publications, the rarity and innovative nature of these items are motivating and appealing factors to these astute speculators. Mainstream publishers often produce hundreds of thousands of publications diluting the collector pool's value.

  Whereas the svelte focus of ONLI STUDIOS is more like the tradition of studio-print-makers, in that it produces limited editions. With reprints being modified so that each edition or series is unique.
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"The War For Planet NUBA" is the best Rhythmistic Graphic Novel from ONLI STUDIOS!  NOG: The Nubian of Greatness finally returns to defend his home-world!
You gotta get them both!

 "Tales From The Rhythmic-Zone" includes the first two NOG stories leading to "The War For Planet NUBA!"

 The action packed classic inter-galactic war with the fate of Space-Ship Earth in the balance.