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Producer of  Rhythmistic Fine Art, Videos Music, and Graphic Novels.  

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Beyond the mainstream!  You will love how ONLI STUDIOS takes full advantage of the  Graphic Novel medium to produce the innovative storytelling and diverse character development that smart fans crave. 

Our Rhythmistic character, "NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides", was featured in the Museum of Contemporary Art , Chicago,  Summer & Fall 2021 historic group exhibition: "Chicago Comics: 1960 Until Now!' Curated by Dan Nadel

Onli with his "Cool Globes"  work,"Itz A Rhythmistic World", at the Chicago Museum Park launch. Cool Globes are a traveling public art exhibition promoting ways to overcome global warming for a more sustainable world.
The" Rhythmistic Bench" is part of the permanent functional art exhibition at the Chicago Children's Museum.
ONLIWEAR presented this "Denim Art Stars" installation at the Smithsonian affiliated DuSable Museum of Black History and Educational Center, Chicago.
Prof. Onli presenting during a recent C2E2  Comic-Con in Chicago.
LINK to Onli / NOG / MCA Day art demo.
Educators, Curriculum Coordinators, Scholars, Reading Specialists, Students, Coaches, and serious fans of the growing indiependent movement and the trending Afrofuturism genre will be excited and pleased to learn that ONLI STUDIOS LLC has successfully renegotiated its long productive relationship with the Trading Post Gift Shop of the DuSable Museum of African American History, Chicago.  

The DuSable Museum is located at 5700 South Cottage Grove in Chicago near the prestigious University of Chicago campus.

They are selling this expanded line of Rhythmistic Graphic Novels, Comix, and Curriculum Guides which includes activity books on Going Green and being sustainable in the urban setting, horror, conflict resolution, the stimulation of creativity, and historical fiction.  

All books are packaged in reusable archival plastic at no extra charge. Many include highly valued, rare, free Rhythmistic Trading Cards as ONLI STUDIOS' show of appreciation!

                                                    Exciting and appropriate for the classroom, library, community center, or home. 

                                                                     They are highly collectable due to their limited press runs.

The Trading Post Gift Shop of the DuSable Museum, Chicago is the only place in the USA where all of these amazing Rhythmistic Graphic Novels, Comix & Activity books are sold! 

Chicago Public School educators have been pouring through there to use their reimbursable funds to purchase these titles for their classes and resource centers adding an intelligent creative boost during these exciting times. 

 Prof. Onli often says: "A positive fantasy life is the foundation to a positive reality! This includes historical fiction and positive conflict resolution."

Limited Offer!!!  "Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone" is 132 pages of powerful thought provoking images and narrative illustrations in bold Rhythmistic Black & White. A tour de force from Prof. Onli. A picture is still worth a thousand words!

It stimulates serious thoughtfulness, expansive mindfulness and virtual digital participation on the part of the smart creative reader.  It's fun and engagement beyond the printed pages of the narrow limits of most mainstreamed Graphic Novels.

The next Rhythmistic evolution from the man called "The Father of the Black Age of Comics."

"Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone" features spoken word, Music, Experimental Animation and Visual Stories related to the central characters from ONLI STUDIOS!

There has never been a Graphic Novel like this! All for a mere $20.00. 

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From Prof. Onli's  important "No Evils" exhibition / residency. "As The Sirens Sweetly Sang" depicts humanity as the steward of the Ecology as they tend to endangered sea creatures during a recent oil spill. This 30"H X 120" W oils on museum profiled canvas Rhythmistic masterwork.
These complete  visual art collections come as packaged Residencies or Exhibitions perfect for Museums, Campus Life Enrichment, and  Cultural Centers. Activity Directors, Curators, Museum Directors, Academic Departments, Art Expos, Collectors and Critics will appreciate the time, rigor, and power Prof. Onli has put into each dynamic timeless body of Rhythmistic Fine Art.
Onli Studios hosted a workshop series in Practical Art Therapy Studio Applications as extra-curricular enrichment for dedicated and ambitious university students who wanted to grow beyond the limits of their classroom context. Here they learned more about the healing impact of various art making processes.  Prof. Onli was a clinical community based Art Therapist in Chicago for twelve years. He earned a M.A.A.T. in Art Therapy from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989 after completing a Therapeutic  Internship at the Michael Reese Medical Center.
Onli is that rare visual artist whose practice includes Fine Art, Major Market Illustration, Wearable Art, Art Education and Art Therapy. It is noted that many celebrated high profile Fine Artists claim to be influenced by comics, cartoons or Graphic Novels, yet they never have worked in those areas. The notion of "High Art" versus "Low Art" was never a criterion for Onli's lifelong passion and dedication as a prolific Rhythmistic Future-Primitif Visual Artist. He coined the term "Rhythmism" in order to give a place to his and kindred artistic expressions that featured aspects of being Future-Primitif in nature, context or content. Typically the artists do not name the "ism'. For instance Picasso did not name Cubism. Van Gogh did not name Impressionism. Nor did Dali name Surrealism. For that matter Afrofuturism was not coined by Sun Ra. However Prof. Onli gives the Art World this "ism". "Rhythmism", as a Future-Primitif approach to the visual arts.