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Rhythmistic art uses a delicate blend of media, design aspects and techniques to create visual compositions that are like music for the eye.

We encourage secure, affluent, enlightened and educated art lovers to browse these Rhythmistic masterpieces.

Onli's exclusive  Rhythmistic fine art work has been exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art of New York, the Krannert Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago, the FIAP of Paris, The DuSable Museum,  the Munster Center For Visual and Performing Art, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Children's Museum.
"REACH" is a rare dynamic 30"X40" oils on museum profiled canvas Rhythmistic masterwork. It shows a goddess-like icon reaching for the life giving Sun. Or does it show her being pulled by the Sun? In this work, abstraction meets the human figure.  Warm colors explode into cool counter balancing hues. Passion, beauty and power meets humility.

"Play Angels" is an oil on 36" square museum profiled canvas. In a recent exhibition.  It catches youthful angels in a sudden burst of playful flight. It explores the proverb of See No, Hear No and Speak No Evil.  As does the 2000 24"W X 36"H, oils on canvas "Think No Evils".

Above right: "Taming The Waters" Oils on 24"W X 36"H framed canvas board. An angel is bringing stability and food. 

Below: "Butterfly-Melon" 18"HX24"W oils on canvas board. She is wearing the symbols of the sustainable movement and accompanied with a fragile butterfly along with the nutritious watermelon. 
Onli holds a BFA in Art Education and a Masters in Art and Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is an active supporter of events and activities that contribute to the art scene is his home of Chicago. 

 He was a regular participating fundraising alum for the School of the Art Institute's "Bare Walls" scholarship fund drive.

Onli is pictured on the bottom of the banner to the left, painting a "No Evils" work. He also was a regular Visiting Artist to the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Onli's "No Evils" collection is a growing body of works created in the American narrative art tradition pioneered by the likes of Winslow Homer and N. C. Wyeth. Like them, Onli was a commercial illustrator who crossed over into innovative fine art. He employs the human figure or portrait in a creative context that expresses timeless ideas and stories that reach through the expanse of future-primitivism and humanity. 

The realistic aspects are like the lyrics while the abstractions are like the music.
Here we show new-wave, Rhythmistic  illustrations created by Onli for clients such as the late innovative jazz legend, Miles Davis, Chicago Magazine and Paris' MODE-Avant Garde Magazine.
There is a great tradition of artists working as illustrators to reach audiences with their incredible narrative artworks. It is like a musician producing albums along with presenting performances.  

Galleries are like concert halls. Printed illustrations are like records or sound tracks.

The illustration of Edgar Allen Poe, below for Chicago Magazine, earned an Honorable Mention Award from the Artists Guild of Chicago. Circa 1978.
"The Alchemist" is an amazing acrylics on museum profiled canvas Rhythmistic painting that shows the legendary practice of turning lead into gold. Better yet, infusing value onto the worthless or less valued.  

Baldness is Onli's way of 
suggesting a sense of serenity and purity.

BELOW: "Speak No Evil" is a 36"H X 24"W oils on canvas painting.  It channels traditional Asian icons of the Far East with a women in a movement expressing her freedom from speaking evil.  

Below: "Hold No Evils". This 24"W X 36"H oils on canvas Rhythmistic painting combines Native American symbolism in the forms of the endangered Buffalo, the Earth opening to gift birth, the glyph of the mighty Amazon River and the skirt that is derived from the layered skin of the South American Anteater. It renders a circular connection between the spiritual Americas into a romanticized metaphysical vision

 All while the serene subject gently secures her slice of this precious fruit.

"OH!" Below we have the striking Rhythmistic gesture of surprise in a personal visionary portrait. Oils on canvas. Created in 1985.  Approximately 18"W and 30 "H. 

Thank you for sharing your precious time and attention with us.
Onli's Grandfather, who raised him, was an ordained Pentecostal pastor who often spoke about the open air Baptisms perfromed in the American South. Here Onli channels a vision from those stories to show a group engaged in praise-dance celebration after a Baptism in a local stream.
Acrylics on museum profiled 24"W X 36"H canvas. "Wading The Waters" 
The mystery of the Stonehenge along with the written language of alchemy merge in this earthy "Seek No Evils" dance of a "goddess-like" woman of the North.

Oils on 24"W X 36"H canvas.  
Serious collectors will appreciate learning that the entire collection of twelve, 22" X 28" watercolor on archival paper, Original Rhythmistic illustrations from the "East / West Zodiac Journal" are available to the right situation. See a few samples to the right and below.
"As The Sirens Sweetly Sang" is a original contemporary neo-classical Rhythmistic trilogy that is 30"H X 120"W oil on museum profiled canvas. This masterful triptych shows mermaids caring for sea creatures in the wake of an oil spill, suggesting humanity's growing role as the care taker of Nature.  
"Place Setting" is an oils on canvas-board 24"W X 36"H  festive celebration.
"No Evil Blues" is a 36" square set of acylics on two canvas paintings. 
Onli's artistic practice borrows proven techniques and materials to manifest a flow of contemporary visual expressions in a growing experimental context that may be narrative, personal or abstracted to connect with a spectrum of collectors, curators or critics. Melding creativity, culture and commerce while exploring the human figure, condition and potential.
Onli studios was honored with a retrospective exhibition recently at the Harold Washington Library of Chicago. His Rhythmistic approach to creativity, culture and commerce includes showcasing to a wide range of art lovers in a variety of situations.

Art is about looking and thinking. It is about seeing and feeling.  It is also about appreciaiton and ownership.
This  interchange of esthetics and symbolism is supported by Onli's signature command of compositional design aspects and concepts within the possibilities of the picture's plane.
"Danse of the 911 Phoenix" was started on 9/12/2001. Onli was sheduled to paint in public at the former Divine Alchemy Art Gallery in Saugatuck Michigan for publicity. The events in New York, the day before, greatly effected Onli, as it did poeple around the world. This resulted in a Rhythmistic 40"H X 30"W acrylic painting of an iconic Phoenix dancing on a distorted Tao. Surrounded by 11 spirits. Engulfed in flame and ash. Sporting patriotic colors. A flame yet dedicated to its renewal. Joined in an act of Speak No, Heed No, and Seek No evil.  
Year of the Ram
Year of the Ox
Year of the Horse

"Birds of Paradise" Oils on canvas. 44H" X 32"W

This is the middle panel-canvas from the triptych "As the Sirens Sweetly Sang".
Onli is currently restoring his Rhythmistic future-primitif textile-quilt collection in collaboration with the master quilter Patrick Whalen of the Quilter's Apochetary of the Arts District of Michigan City, Ind. These museum quality wall hangings were impacted by a destructive studio fire Onli experienced in 2001. Most were lost or damaged.  Now he has decided to restore and extend the collection beyond its original glory after meeting Patrick and witnessing the amazing skills and talents he would bring to this growing body of work.

Above: Rhythmistic Baule: Onli / Whalen   Below: Patrick reviewing two more of Onli's future-primitif works.
Onli is inspecting his "Itz A  Rhythmistic World" Cool Globe before its debute in Chicago.