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Welcome to our Rhythmistic fine art practice.
"Dancer's Trust' 2015, is a recent 50" X 50" oils on linen masterwork from Prof. Onli that is waiting for that special moment and connection.
You can see the musical magic of their special moment. Unframed so that its new owner can embellish it tastefully.
                                                    Size: 4ft square.   There is passion in this artwork.

                                                                 "Ownership is the highest form of appreciation!"

                                                  Prices, rental options, reproduction rights and exhibition opportunities are available upon request.
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Master Quilter Patrick Walen of the Quilters' Apothecary is collaborating with Onli to revive his Future-Primitif collection of quilts. The original collection was almost totally destroyed in 2001 due to a devastating live-work space fire. These Rhythmistic quilts will make powerful additions to museum collections that are looking to expand into works that are culturally dynamic and manifests a higher level of design and technique aspects.  They will be a recontextualizing of iconcs relate to selected world cultures.
  Below are assorted reviews and related documentation
  of Onli's Rhythmistic fine art practice.
Above: "Reach" 2001, is a 30" X 40" oils on canvas masterwork expressing the Sun as the source of life on Earth. 

 Left: Is the Rhyththmistic artist Onli with a newly completed Rhythmistic quilt during a recent exhibition / lecture.
Left: This is a 40" X 30" oils on canvas center piece from the triptych, "As The Sirens Sweetly Sang" 2009.  Right: "Orchids - Melon" 2009, is a 36" square oils on canvas part of the expanding organic Passion Fruit series.
Below: "Yellow No Evils" 1998, is a 40"W X 30"H acrylics on canvas Rhythmistic treatment of the proverb of Seek No, Speak No & Heed No Evil. It is a part of Onli's evolving "No Evils" series of future-primitif visual art. Onli often uses the effect of baldness to remove vanity and to suggest purity.
The Rhythmistic Bench, 1995: To the delight of families and museum goers this form of functional art is in the collection of the Chicago Children's Musuem.