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Onli Studios: All images and characters posted on this site are Copyright 2017 Turtel Onli
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"EAST / WEST" Zodiac is a journal reference book that compares and contrasts the two major Zodiac systems.  It includes spaces for your personal journaling and notes.  It features text by Kocoa Scott and Rhythmistic illustrations by Turtel Onli. $10.00 shipping is fee.
REVIEW LINK:  "Tales From The RHYTHMIC-ZONE" is a 90 plus page product of full Rhythmistic color. Its the exciting graphic novel tradebook that links the various key characters in the Rhythmistic Universe of ONLI STUDIOS. NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides, The Azaniac, Wolfshead, Sustah-Girl, The Root Lady  and Malcolm-10 are all showcased in this rare single tradebook. $20.00 free shipping. Comes in a plastic bag with backing board and trading cards!
"PUNKIN'S IMAGINATION" is an activity book about a clever boy who uses his imagination to conjure up playmates.  It even includes blank pages to allow the reader to use his or her imagination to complete the book with characters of their own. The price is now reduced to $3.00 with Free Shipping.
"The SUSTAH-GIRL Work Out Book" is an actual resource and guidebook that covers everything from diet to team sports, cardio, then on to strength building activities. Educators, and others will love the Fun Facts, Fit Tips and the  10 Week Work Out Program for all types of Sustahs.  In the name Sustah think Sustenance!  $4.00 Free Shipping.
ONLI STUDIOS  regularly participates in the exciting annual C2E2 Comics and Entertainment Expo in Chicago.
The growing Afro-Furturism Movement is learning about its link to the ground breaking work of ONLI STUDIOS.
Reach out to the new! The unknown.  Our Rhythmistic characters reflect your dream for alternative indie-action instead of the mainstream's. We respect and appreciate your investment in this expansion of the Graphic Novels' industry beyond the "good old" characters and brands that were created in the 1940s, and 1960s.

"SASA" introduces the new face of horror.  A rare creepy story about eaters of flesh and the hunger to feed.  She is above them all and  sworn to hunt them....until the end.  $5.00. plastic wrapped with trading cards. SOLD OUT!
"Team BLANGA 2.0" is our, new, highly collectable tradebook that explodes the Heroes of the Black Age into a team to overcome the challenging wars dealt to New Afrika and Planet Earth by way of Planet NUBA!

.  $20.00 while they last! Ships Free. Wrapped in plastic along with trading cards. 
                     2018 release!!!
"Watch Out Mutants" tells the tale about the facts and forces that led Onli to create the term, Black Age and to launch the growing Black Age of Comics Movement. WHILE THEY LAST!
To show how much we value your investment in our limited edition line of Rhythmistic Graphic Novels we  include trading cards to enhance the value of your purchase.  These over-sized trading cards are our way of reaching to your dream of life beyond the mainstream.

Our limited press runs insure our products will have collector's value in the future.
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"The Legend of the Azaniac" is a unique ode  about the Honorable Short Spear Clan of the Zulu.  It introduces The Azaniac, The Boar and the conflict of dealing with industrialization, modern society, and the results of war.
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ONLI STUDIOS is a leader in bringing Graphic Novels to libraries and classrooms. Onli is now a retired Chicago Public School Art Educator and Basketball Coach. That career reinforced his awareness that readers of comic books and graphic novels tend to have better reading scores and higher ordered thinking skills along with a greater appreciation for diversity. Our curriculum guide helps all educators to bring graphic novels into the classroom. 
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"Let's Go Green" features the evercute Button-Heads showing us way to go green with sustainable practices in the urban setting.
$5.00, Comes packages in plastic with backing board and trading card.   SOLD OUT!
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Philo Barnhart is the new amazing Director of Animation at ONLI STUDIOS.

We love your psrticipation! ONLI STUDIOS ships its limited edition products packed in plastic and backing boards because we value your investment. This along with handling and shipping come free of charge. This enhances the value we place on your time and selection of indie products from ONLI STUDIOS.
In Europe you can find ONLI STUDIOS' indie products at The Lambiek.

In Chicago they are carried in the Trading Post Gift Shop of the DuSable Museum.
ONLI STUDIOS rocks its books with free trading cards packed into each product that is sealed in archival plastic along with an acid free packing board to protect and preserve your valuable purchase.