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Prof. Onli was the Co-Curator of this amazing showcase of talent, fun, fire and funk! It was held at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City Ind.
ONLI STUDIOS was recently featured at the Leroy Nieman Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for its celebration of the 30th anniversary of its Art Therapy program.  Creativity and a positive fantasy life often leads to a positive reality. Rhythmistic experimental Music video link
Prof. Onli recently discussed the educational value of  the ONLI STUDIOS' line of indie-diverse Graphic Novels to interested educators and serious collectors.
Prof. Onli was one of the first sponsors of a C3 Convervation Club in the Chicago Public Schools. He also was a installation artist with the DuSable Museum which featured his "Future Funk Denim Art Star" wearable art  models. 
Onli often has designed or illustrated album covers.  One of his important covers opens the cover-art section of the book, "Freedom: Rhythm & Sound.
Prof. Onli designed and created the "Itz A Rhytmistic World" Cool Globe.  He worked in the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, and hired several of his high school students as studio assistants. Below is an article per the International Times that features this and a few other Cool Globes.
Onli is often asked to present as a panelists at major comic-cons such as C2E2 on the hot topic of expanding the Graphic Novels industry with new ideas and styles.
Prof. Onli sponsors the Graphic Novels Club of Harold Washington College in Chicago IL. This club celebrates and appreciates the world of comic books and graphic novels. The above photo shows two of the club's officers with the living Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee. Taken at C2E2 comic convention in Chicago.
The above logo is a link to our mobile download Graphic Novels.
Disney Master Animator, Philo Barnhart has adpated the ONLI STUDIOS activity book, "Punkin's Imagination" for feature length animation..
ONLI STUDIOS was founded on the brilliant concept of merging visual expression, creativity, culture & commerce. We publish influential indie Graphic Novels, limited edition Rhythmistic Fine Art, & Wearable Art that fills the voids left by the formality of the mainstream.

                    ONLI STUDIOS has unlimited growth potential! 
                                 Investors, Partners and Sponsors are invited:

                               ONLI STUDIOS welcomes your insights and participation.

1 .ONLI STUDIOS has Philo Barnhart, former Disney Master Animatior and Prof. Turtel Onli, former major market illustrator and arts educator as its creative leaders.

Consider our history and portfolio of intellectual properties along with our entire creative history. This is a team that has a proven track record of delivering goals on time and that can handle all of the responsibilities based on industry standards.

2.  The current ONLI STUDIOS Business Plan is available upon request. We want to produce feature length animation and CGI productions and products for major educational systems.

3. We have solid growth potential per expanding this industry. As evidenced by the mainstream responding to our call to diversify with quality.  We now see major productions in this growing genre.

4. Integrity: Our products and characters are ours. Not derivative clones

5. Understanding the challenges: We can offer data driven details.

ONLI STUDIOS is optimistic, and hopeful for the future. However we are also  realistic. 

We respectfully invite investors, partners and stake holders.

About the two creative principles.:  Philo Barnhart was raised around the Disney studios and went on to become a master animator with Filmation, Disney and other studios. He was a lead designer on the "Little Mermaid" and designed many products for the Disney studio production line.

While earning two degrees from the prestigious School of The Art Institute of Chicago Prof. Onli started his career as a major market illustrator with the likes of Playboy, Motown Corp., Johnson Publishing, WGN, CNN, MODE Avant Garde, The Paris Metro Holt, Rinehart & Winston & The Singer Society For Visual Education.

Both are regular presenters at major comic book conventions around the United States.

ONLI STUDIOS helped to jettison the careers of Ashley A. Woods and, Gary Phillips.

Investors, educators, students, collectors, curators and critics are welcome.

ONLI STUDIOS, LLC is a privately-owned, multiglobal, MBE Certified by MSDC of Chicago, operation in Chicago, IL. 
The above article features ONLI STUDIOS' book "Malcolm-10" which helped to expand the graphic novels and cartoon industries.
Prof. Onli working with a student on his Cool Globe.
Philo doing his magic for students at Harold Washington College and at a major Comic-Con.
Below we have regional Librarians in Chicago participating in a workshop presented by Prof. Onli.