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"If you are looking for creativity, you have come to the right place."

Prof. Onli, M.A.A.T. 
All characters, images, illustrations and text are Copyright 2018 Turtel Onli.  They are not to be reproduced in any manner or re-purposed without written permission from Turtel Onli.

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ONLI STUDIOS grew from a major-market illustration & fine art studio to an indie-publisher and multi-media production company in 1981.

We  focus on  Rhythmistic visual art, videos and Graphic Novels.  

"As the Sirens Sweetly Sang"  suggests humanity's role as nature's care taker. See our Fine Art page for more insights.
 Thanks for  your time and interest.
"Itz A Rhythmistic World" Cool Globe that playfully expresses the need to limit automobile and bus exhaust by reducing the practice of idling the engine. The Cool Globes are part of this impressive traveling public art exhibition where many visual artists were asked to embellish these oversized globes with hot ideas for a cool planet.  Onli hired several of his high school students to work on this important public art project.
 Link to a vintage wearable art fashion show at the legendary LIMELIGHT Club of Chicago.

Link to our Jimi  Hendrix inspired experimental animation.
ONLI STUDIOS does not accept unsolicited ideas concepts or content. We function based on our unique vision of creativity, culture and commerce.
ABOVE: A display case featuring collectible publications from ONLI STUDIOS.  It was part of the ONLI STUDIOS retrospective exhibition in Chicago at the prestigious landmark, Harold Washington Library.  

BELOW: A view of ONLI STUDIOS when it was located at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.
BELOW:. The Super Bad Rolling Stones' guitarist, Keith Richards is surprised by Onli's album cover design done in the EMI Paris Studios near Paris in the early Spring of 1978. This over-hot cover would not pass the censorship laws of that era. Now Onli is looking for an group or artist that has the righ spirit to use this amazing Rhythmistic illustration.
A picture is still worth a 
few thousand words!
ONLI STUDIOS' indie Rhythmistic Graphic Novels have been found in libraries, stores, classrooms and valued collections.
From album cover designs for clients like P-Funk or the Rolling Stones, to  innovative  indie Graphic Novels such as the "Sustah-Girl Work Out Book", to internships and Rhythmistic fine art,  ONLI STUIDOS is about CREATIVITY, CULTURE, & COMMERCE.
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In the banner image Prof. Onli is examining his Cool Globe, "Itz A Rhythmistic World" before this massive public urban-art exhibition was installed.
"Indie today: Rhythmism Forever!"