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"If you are looking for creativity, you have come to the right place."

Prof. Onli, M.A.A.T. 
All characters, images, illustrations and text are Copyright 2019 Turtel Onli.  
They are not to be reproduced in any manner or re-purposed without written permission from Turtel Onli.

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Producer of  Rhythmistic Fine Art, Videos Music, and Graphic Novels.  

"As the Sirens Sweetly Sang"  suggests humanity's role as nature's care taker. See our Fine Art page for more insights.
 Thanks for  your time and interest.
"Itz A Rhythmistic World" Cool Globe that playfully expresses the need to limit automobile and bus exhausts by reducing the practice of idling the engine when parked. The Cool Globes are an impressive traveling public art exhibition where many visual artists were asked to embellish these over-sized globes with hot ideas for a cool planet.  
 Link to a vintage wearable art fashion show at the legendary LIMELIGHT Club of Chicago.

Link to our Jimi  Hendrix inspired experimental animation.
ONLI STUDIOS does not accept unsolicited ideas concepts or content. We function based on our unique vision of creativity, culture and commerce.

A Rhythmistic picture is still worth a few thousand words!
ONLI STUDIOS' indie Rhythmistic Graphic Novels can be found in libraries, stores, classrooms and valued collections.
From album cover designs for clients like Jazz Greats, P-Funk or the Rolling Stones, to  innovative  indie Graphic Novels such as the "Sustah-Girl Work Out Book", to internships and Rhythmistic fine art,  ONLI STUIDOS is about CREATIVITY, CULTURE, CONTENT & COMMERCE.
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"Indie today: Rhythmism Forever!"
Below:  Images taken from Onli's ever-cool "Art Star" Denim installation at the DuSable Museum of African American History, Chicago.
Prof. Onli at  a recent signing of ONLI STUDIOS' indie Graphic novels!
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ONLI STUDIOS takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Graphic Novel medium to produce the innovative storytelling and diverse character development that smart fans love. 

Going where the mainstream does not!.
From the founder of Diasporal Rhythms: An organization of important fine art collectors.

In the definitive book that serves as a guide for institutions and serious collectors of fine art, "African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond", authored by the dedicated collector of Black & African art Daniel Texidor Parker, in Chapter III Masters of the Diaspora there is a vital section:
"Black Esthetics."

"The discussion of Black Aesthetics is ongoing. It ranges from the development of new technology to arts profound effect upon the viewer. We hear the voice of Chicago artist Turtel Onli, who focuses on elements of rhythm and flow in art. The term he uses to express this concept is rhythmism,  

Onli says, "This a futuristic approach to visual Africanisms that distinguishes the work of many contemporary artists."